Northbrook Wedding Photographer

Creating a compelling and beautiful narrative

I can understand that having the right photographer for your wedding is extremely important. Each photographer has their own style and technique; there is truly no “perfect” wedding photographer, however my goal is to capture timeless photos from your wedding that you will love. Perhaps your most important factor in considering me as your wedding photographer is this: I will spend 8 to 10 hours with you and your most cherished loved ones on the most special day of your life. I will be witness to every part of that day; the highs, the lows and everything in between. I will have the most intimate view one can have of a family, and I approach it with professionalism and courtesy.

I have two primary goals so that your wedding photos will be something you will always want to look at: creating a compelling narrative of your wedding, and leaving every person with the feeling that they would happily work with me and my team again. Having walked this path with hundreds of couples, I have the wisdom of experience and can help guide you through your wedding day so that it is easy, light, and meaningful.

Finally, just a little advice: no matter what goes wrong on your wedding day, you will still get married. And if the love is in the room, nothing else matters.

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