Tips on being prepared for your photoshoot

What to wear?

Start with the person who is hardest to dress, then choose everyone else’s attire to coordinate with their outfit.

Take a trip to your favorite store or look online at styled mannequins. Taking cues from current style can give you an excellent starting point.
Comfort is king. Choosing clothing that you feel comfortable in is important, especially if you have young kids. Don’t force stuffy dress clothes on little ones.

Having well-fit and well-cut clothing will help your photograph stand the test of time.

Keep in mind that you will be photographed head to toe. Don’t forget about your shoes and socks; dark works best.
You will look your best in clothing that is new.


Pick pieces that are playful and full of texture. Textured fabrics photograph beautifully so things like denim, cable knits, sweaters, corduroy, linen and eyelet dresses are excellent choices. Need some more ideas? How about embroidery, ruffles, ribbing, v-necks, buttons, and patterns.


Layer clothing for a fun look or choose accessories and hats to jazz up an outfit. We can remove, adjust, and add elements to an outfit to create a variety of styles.


One approach is to choose bold color and pair it with neutrals like denim, beige, sage green, grey, or navy (navy in particular photographs beautifully.) jewel tones such as deep purple, sapphire blue, turquoise, ruby red and emerald green are a few great color choices. Mixing solid colors with textured clothing can create a special dynamism in the image.

Tempting as it will be, do not wear white, black, or pale-colored clothing or accessories as these tend to photograph poorly and lose their detail and dimension in the final image. Furthermore, the eye is instantly drawn to the lightest color in the image.


First and foremost, have fun! Current styles are a good starting point, but try to avoid choices that in three years will look “dated”.

If you need some tips, you can choose something “classic” like a denim bottom and long-sleeved top. Clothing that is classic in style can really create a timeless look. Jeans are still a great basic but don’t overlook corduroy, and other casual fabrics – they all photograph really well.

Stay away from clothing that would be considered “formal attire” or the image can look too “buttoned up” and unnatural. At the other end of the spectrum, be selective with t-shirts and polo shirts; try pairing them with dark denim or adding layers to keep the outfit visually interesting.

Everyone should be in clothing that is fitted to their current size. Clothing that fits loosely can look sloppy in an image, so make sure everyone tries on their ensemble before the day of the shoot to ensure proper sizing.

Dressing the family

When choosing clothing for the entire family, try choosing a similar style and then slightly vary the textures and colors. If each individual’s clothing forms a piece of a larger family outfit, coordinate the family’s look just as you would the pieces of your own outfit. That way, each individual look different and fun while still fitting together for one image.

Preparing for your photo session

Most importantly have all clothes cleaned and pressed – ideally have this done by a professional cleaner. It is worth the small investment – you will look that much better. Clothing that has come right from the dryer will still look rumpled on camera.

Bring your clothes on hangers to avoid wrinkles and rumples.
Bring several options – I may like one choice over another. When in doubt, pick a few outfits and bring lots of accessories. Once at the photo shoot we can re-style your outfits with jackets, vests, scarves, necklaces and hats to really change up your look.

Bring snacks and water – anything to keep you and your family in good spirits!!!!