Look Your Best

Michael Lee, CPP

The following are guidelines(not rules) on how to look your best for your new Business Portrait.

  • consider what is appropriate for your profession – CEO, mechanic, designer, therapist, etc.
  • best choices: solid colors or very fine patterns
  • avoid large, broad patterns, stripes, or paisley
  • avoid solid white or solid black as the main piece; a white shirt or blouse is fine if there is a vest/sweater/jacket over it; if black or white is your preference,
  • choose a piece that has texture such as a cable-knit sweater
  • blue is an excellent choice for nearly all skin tones; feel free to make other choices but please avoid green
  • open necklines are good choices, such as a v-neck sweater or open-collared shirt/blouse; turtlenecks should be avoided
  • avoid short sleeves or sleeveless shirts and blouses
  • clothing should look new, clean, and pressed
  • if possible, have clothing items professionally pressed and bring on a hanger to avoid wrinkles/rumples
  • keep jewelry simple and understated
  • keep makeup simple and understated
  • facial hair should be trimmed, including nose, ears, eyebrows, etc.
  • haircuts should be done 3-7 days prior to session
  • hairstyling should be done on the day of the session
  • when in doubt, bring a few options and I will be happy to advise you on the day of the session; alternatively you are welcome to reach out to me in advance for guidance
  • ultimately – think about the message you’re sending to the viewer