These are some of the most popular questions about working with me as your photographer

What do you wear when working at a wedding?

Always a 2-piece black suit with tie, or a tuxedo for black-tie events. I work hard and so the coat might not stay on very long, and I’ll probably roll up my sleeves.

How many photos will I receive?

For every hour I am photographing at the event, you can expect about 100 photographs. Thus, six hours would yield 600 photographs – but typically quite a bit more.

Do you use film or digital?

I use digital equipment, because the quality, efficiency, and workflow of digital media is far superior to film.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use professional digital slr cameras – currently nikon slr bodies and nikon lenses. I always carry at least two camera bodies, numerous batteries, five lenses, and enough memory cards for 3,000 photographs. For extra security, I back up all photos onsite with a portable hard drive.

What if my needs are different than what you offer?

Please inquire for custom packages.

How soon will I receive my photos?

Your photos will be online within one week of the event. Other products depend on your input and choices. But I always aim for a quick turnaround on all orders.

What if you are sick?

My contract states that I am responsible for photographing your event. If something prevents me from doing so, I.E. Injury or illness, it is my responsibility to arrange for another photographer for your event. I am part of a network of photographers that exists for this very reason.

How many events have you photographed?

As of 2008 I have personally photographed more than 75 weddings as the primary photographer. Additionally I will have photographed dozens of other events such as bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate events, etc. I also do commercial, product, architectural, and landscape photography.

I like your artistic approach, but what about family and group portraits?

While my primary approach to event photography is photojournalism, I also give special attention to more formal group and family portraits. For one moment in your life, you have gathered together your friends and family in the same place at the same time, and it should be captured in a photograph. Still, my approach to these portraits is something more natural than to what people are usually accustomed. It can be everyone’s least favorite part of the day, but I work in a way that is much more fun and relaxed – resulting in better portraits.

Do you work with other photographers?

Yes, I currently use three different people to work as second photographers. And I never send another photographer to take my place, unless I am unable to do so as a result of injury or illness.

Are there any extra fees or expenses?

Nothing that is not made clear in my contract. You will never have any surprises when it comes to my fees, services, and products. I employ business practices that make sense, and that are reasonable and practical. I treat people and relationships the way I want to be treated.

What if my family and friends want to take photos as well?

Everyone has an uncle bob! I always welcome other photographers. I only ask that they allow me to do the job that you hire me to do.