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Giving back, pitching in, and rolling up your sleeves is one of the most rewarding things one can do. I do what I can to actively support causes that I care about within my community and my world. But instead of reaching for my checkbook, I grab my camera. I hope to create more change and raise more awareness in this world through photography and the pursuit of telling the stories of these important causes.

I support local organizations that include those offering services to people with special needs, support for at-risk youth, and even my local park district and chamber of commerce. On a larger scale, I hope that my photographs of the natural world will inspire people to learn about, explore, and help protect wild and beautiful places.

  • A percentage of all gross revenue is donated to charitable and government organizations that support the preservation, protection, and enjoyment of our natural environment, wildlife, and resources.
  • I am the official photographer for two local organizations that not only do great work, they are staffed by some of the most talented and dedicated professionals.
    • Keshet: A Rainbow of Hope for Children and Adults with Special Needs.  Founded in 1982, Keshet is a not-for-profit organization providing educational, recreational, and vocational programs for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.
    • Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook provides much needed services for youth and families, including tutoring, counseling, crisis intervention, healthcare.  They simply  believe that every child should grow up happy, healthy and hopeful.
  • I reduce fees for clients who donate their own time or resources to similar causes. Please inquire for specific details.

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