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“We must adventure into the interesting unknown.”
– John James Audubon
Michael Lee, Michael Lee Photography

The greatest gifts my father gave to me were a sense of adventure, a curiosity about the world around me, and photography. What struck me when I first discovered this craft was how I was now seeing the world in a way I had never seen it before. And the notion that a single image could tell a powerful story was the icing on the cake.My father had a passion for photography, as did his father before him. My father’s mother Dorothy was a painter, and her favorite subject was the American landscape. She exhibited her artwork in the same museum where, years later I would show mine.

I first learned photography using film, and even had an old-school traditional black and white darkroom. I felt a special kind of magic, in that low-lit red-hued darkness, placing a blank sheet of paper into a tray of water and waiting for an image to slowly appear. The magic comes in a different way now, but the process is still the same – start by creating a great image, and know just what to do to make it shine.

As a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), I uphold certain standards in photography and in business, and through ongoing education and photographic competitions, I am constantly in pursuit of improving my work. And as a member of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce, I am inspired to engage in community involvement, business-to-business education and outreach, and to meet the highest expectations of customer service with courtesy and professionalism.

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