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“I strongly advise you to make up your mind, muster all your spirits, and start in search of the interesting unknown.”
– John James Audubon, Ornithological Biography Vol. 5.
Michael Lee, Michael Lee Photography

Portrait courtesy of Gabriel Alonso

The greatest gifts my father gave to me were a sense of adventure, a curiosity about the world around me, and photography. What struck me when I first discovered this craft was how it forced me to see the world in a way I had never seen it before. And the idea that a single image could tell a powerful story was the icing on the cake. My father had a passion for photography, as did his father before him. My father’s mother Dorothy was a painter, and her favorite subject was the American landscape. She exhibited her artwork in the same museum where, years later I would show mine.

I first learned photography using film, and even had an old-school traditional black and white darkroom. I felt a special kind of magic, in that low-lit red-hued darkness, placing a blank sheet of paper into a tray of water and waiting for an image to slowly appear. The magic comes in a different way now, but the process is still the same – start by creating a great image, and know just what to do to make it shine.

As a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), I uphold certain standards in photography and in business, and through ongoing education and photographic competitions, I am constantly in pursuit of improving my work. To that end, I am a Certified Professional Photographer, a designation from PPA that is held by fewer than 2,500 people in the world. This is a prestigious group that can only be joined after completing an intensive program that measures artistic and technical competence.

Finally, as a member of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce, I am inspired to engage in community involvement, business-to-business education and outreach, and to meet the highest expectations of customer service with courtesy and professionalism.




Michael has won numerous awards in the photography industry, including permanent entry into the PPA’s coveted Loan Collection and his work has been featured in the annual PPA Showcase Collection Book.  These awards are from professional competitions, and must be approved by panels of esteemed photographic professionals.

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